Does Hell exist?

Does Hell exist?  

It is not the way of the compassionate Maker to create rational beings in order to    deliver them over mercilessly to unending affliction in punishment for things of     which He knew even before they were fashioned, aware how they would turn out  when He created them.  Saint Isaac of Nineveh, circa 650 CE

Would God, who knows the fate of everyone ever born, or who will be born, consign some of his creatures to eternal torment in Hell?  This is the question raised by those who believe in Hell.  Can you really imagine a loving God who would do this?  David Bentley Hart can’t, and I follow his argument in That All Shall Be Saved.

But doesn’t the New Testament tell us that bad people will go to Hell?

If you read the Bible closely, you will see that it says nothing about eternal Hell.  Paul believed that all are bound in disobedience to God.  But only so that God might show mercy to us all (Romans 11:32).  Not one word in Paul, or the Gospel of John, refers to an everlasting Hell.  First Timothy says simply that God “intends all human beings to be saved and to come to a full knowledge of truth.” (2:4)  This is called the doctrine of universal salvation or universal reconciliation.  People may go to Hell, but they will be redeemed like all the others when Christ returns. 

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