Jürgen Moltmann’s ecological God

Jürgen Moltmann’s ecological God.

In Theology of Hope, Jürgen Moltmann’s most well-known work, he argues that the man who hopes will hope to transcend this earth, including death.

All this must inevitably mean that the man who thus hopes will never be able to reconcile himself with the laws and constraints of this earth, neither with the inevitability of death.  (Hope, loc 272)

As I argued in my previous post on Moltmann, this means that the eschaton (end of this world and beginning of the next) will be realized on this earth, on which immortal beings will dwell.  I find this seriously weird. 

More than weird, it denies what it is to be human, which is to be finite and mortal.  Heaven there may be, but it will not be here (as if heaven were in time and space), and it will not be populated by immortal earthlings.  More than this I do not know, and even about this I am far from certain. 

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