Did Albert Camus believe in God?

Did Albert Camus believe in God?

Of all the existentialists, Camus came closest to believing in God, becoming closer in his later works.  Camus would object to two parts of this statement.  He objected to being labeled an existentialist, preferring the term absurdist.  And he would say he was not close to God.  He admired (and once said “loved”) Jesus Christ.

Since Camus did not believe in an afterlife, what I mean by “close to God” and what most Christians believe is quite different.  Yet, even with all these qualifications the statement stands.  Certainly, he has been many Christians’ favorite atheist, primarily because he was comfortable with religious language and imagery.  For Camus, “it is possible to be Christian and absurd.” (Sisyphus, p 112)  All one has to do is disbelieve in an afterlife. 

Most Christians, perhaps all, would reject this possibility, but in a time of militant atheism like our own, there is a vast difference between Camus and someone like Richard Dawkins.  Camus had sympathy and respect for Christianity, above all for Christ.  I think that is the best way of putting it. 

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