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  1. There is a good book by A N Wilson about the historical Jesus.
    I don’t think we all fear a humiliating death.Many people have a very peaceful death.It can be beautiful helping someone to let go.However, being executed publicly is a different matter.I am not that convinced that Jesus/God really needed to suffer this much.Crucifixion was very common at that time and hundreds of Jews suffered thus.
    I prefer it as a metaphor for the death of the ego.As a guide to creativity.I believe eternity is here like William Blake did.But we don’t open our eyes to it and maybe in our corrupt society it is harder to see it or experience it as we are too busy.

    1. Kathryn, what I meant is that we all don’t fear death, but I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t fear a humiliating death coupled with abandonment and torture. Perhaps some people don’t fear this kind of death, but I sure would, and Jesus feared this kind of death too. Still, perhaps some martyrs are an exception.

      About death, I suppose it’s logically impossible to fear something that is nothing. But what Robert Jay Lifton called death equivalents: darkness, abandonment, loss, pain, isolation. This we can all fear. Perhaps this comes close to the death of the ego, or perhaps it is the same. Thanks for your comment. Fred

  2. Thanks,Fred.I do agree about the abandonment and refection and torture.I suppose being with my husband for his last few hours was the first time I was with a person dying and in a strange way it was beautiful. I asked for a Chaplain but so unChristian it is here nobody came.But he was never alone and seemed to be still mentally with me right to the last moment as I sang psalms quietly to him.However, I am not looking forward to it for myself.And if I was in prison in Syria I would be terrified.I like the way you interpret the Gospels.It seems to make more sense to me.Does it matter if we are heretics?
    I believe they can be read at different levels ,as a guide to creativity, a guide to an ethical life, intriguing stories, the story of God and his wanting to know us.The Jews were very advanced spiritually I think.Just a bit over the top going to war with Rome
    I like the ” still small voice” on Horeb.That speaks to me.
    Thank you for generating a lot of interesting thoughts which have an impact on my life as I experience it.I wish I’d studied the Greek philosophers as maths is a bit too remote for me now.It’s life without the blood.,a book of patterns as yet unknitted; a way of evading pain and feelings too.

  3. Katherine, As my mom lay dying I talked to her and told her I would take care of dad, that she could let go. She stopped breathing for what must have been a minute, and died a few hours later. I’m convinced that many dying people who can’t communicate can still hear and understand. It was touching.

    I’m not quite sure how this is a response to your comment, Katherine, it just seems relevant. Fred

    1. I felt as if for a time there was almost physical connection to another place or higher dimension and it was very beautiful despite the loss.I was glad to help him and relieved in a way that he got there.Then I had to come back to our home, of course. I am glad I was there.Yes,it sounds like your Mom took in what you said and she was relaxed by it.The doctor advised me not to go, but reality is better than the fearful imagination when you have never known it before.
      I am still puzzled about the chaplain but we were in A and E so maybe they don’t go there and I had two friends there as well.Then it made me think of “The lark ascending” by Vaughn Williams.They used to open a window to let the soul out, so an older lady told me.

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